The booking process

Step 1

Am i free

Drop an enquiry to see if i am free! Date’s go quickly and up to 2 years in advance (especially for summer)



Step 2

Let's chat

Once we’ve checked the date let’s have a chat!

The chat is so you can check i’m not a weirdo more than anything (Gives you some peace of mind) but also that my personality matches your taste. Your wedding photographer is with you all day so it’s important you feel your self around me.

But it’s also to find out more about your day, what you want from the photos and get a real understanding in to your wants and don’t wants.

After the chat i leave you to have a think and consider i’f i’m the one for you! my chats are a no pressure decision at the end i prefer couples to go away and be fully sure before they book.

Step 3


If you want to go ahead that’s amazing news!

You will receive a booking contract and all the details on making the £125 deposit payment (rest is payable 4 weeks before the big day)

Leading up to your wedding spam me with all your inspiration or just general chit chat. i’m on hand to help with all things wedding related! Wether your having an issue with a supplier or your worried about something just ask. 


Step 4

pre planning

6 Weeks before the big day you will receive a question-aire to write down all the important aspects of your day, the family photo list, timings and other details you want to mention.

The question-aire is my bible on the day so anything you want make sure to jot down on here

Afterwards we will also have a quick catch up chat as some time may of passed since we last spoke.

Leading up to your wedding i’m fully open to any help you need too, spam me with your inspiration and ideas and keep chatting to me.

Step 5

The big day

The big day!

Relax on the day knowing your photos are being taken care of and let’s have some fun and enjoy the day. 



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Now here is a treat for you! £100 off your booking….But why?


I have hidden this amongst text for a reason.

Couples who go the effort of wanting to know as much about me as possible are the sort of couples i love the most!

The one’s who want to know as much as possible about there photographer for there big day as they know it’s a big decision for them!

So here is a special treat for you – Enjoy £100 off your booking just write “I read your stuff” when you inquire and i will apply the discount to your booking if you decide to go ahead.

It’s just a sweetener to say thanks! as you are the type of couples i love to work with! :)

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