As you hunt for a second photographer you may come across the option of adding a second photographer for a small fee. but why would you want 2? surely one is enough right….

All shots in this article are taken by a second photographer

being every where at once is impossible


Groom prep

When the groom is getting ready in a different location, and you really want to secure those extra photos of the groom’s morning then a second photographer is needed. after all the main photographers can’t be in two places at once right?

If both the bride & groom are getting ready onsite, then it makes life a little easier and one photographer could probably handle both.

But groom prep is only a fraction of the advantages of a second photographer.

the guests arrival

The main photographer(me) will be landing at the venue only minutes before the bride does as I focus on capturing as many shots as I can of the bridal prep and her arrival.

Whilst the groom tends to arrive at the venue earlier than the bride (You would hope) this frees up the second photographer to arrive at the venue early and capture the guests arriving and the groom nervously waiting at the front of the room before the main ceremony.

the extra angles

The ceremony goes by in a flash! a typical ceremony lasts no more than 15 minutes.

A second photographer at this point would handle more shots from the back of the room, the groom’s reaction and getting some reactions of the guests whilst the main photographer handles the all-important moments such as the first kiss, the vows, the rings etc. A second photographer here will yield lots of additional shots and capture the emotions of everyone.

With the ceremony being so quick this is where the second photographer can maximise their worth.


The Couple shots


I like to take my second with me on the couple shots to really maximise more photos and help get through the photos faster.

Whilst I’m composing the perfect central shot my second divided in to a bush and picked up this shot, another well thought image that turned in to one of the couples favourite photo.

The second photographer has the freedom to capture more and explore more during the portrait shots as I focus on the main photo.



The guest shots

After the ceremony the main photographer will be on to the group shots and a lot of time is consumed as rounding people up is no easy task, at this point the second photographer is free to explore and start to capture the shots of the guests enjoying them selves.

At this point they are aiming to try capture a shot of each guest.

The candid moments

Some of the most natural and candid shots come from a second photographer.

This particular shot is a favourite of mine, whilst I was busy getting the main central photo of the confetti shot my second photographer snapped this beautiful and natural photo from the side-line.  


What else?

Come the evening party time they can also assist in getting some more additional shots of your evening fun and dance shenanigans – particularly useful when the number of evening guests increase drastically from your day time numbers and a new flood of guests arrive.



So should i book a second?

If you want maximum coverage of your day then a second photographer is a unquestionable a great add on.

Whilst the cost of photography already may be a big part of your budget, adding a second who can potentially double your wedding album.

The second isn’t just about more photos but it allows me to focus more on your personal photos for the day whilst they are capturing the guest shots and other angles.

Often the comment arises from couples saying they went to a friends wedding and the photographer didn’t snap any photos of them and that is a symptom of having only one photographer on your day. 

Having the ability to have 2 people photograph your day can only lead to more angles, more shots and a more packed out album.

it’s a cheap in-expense that delivers huge value to your photos.

If additional angles, guest shots, groom prep are all things you are not to fussed about then you won’t feel the benefits of a second. 

The cost of a second


The addition of a second photographer is £275 for the majority of the day, typically covering 8-10 hours of your wedding.


I pass on 100% of the fee to my second photographer and I pick up the additional time in editing for no extra charge.

if I don’t feel a second is worth you having then I will advise you.

Where venues are spread out over a large area and you have over 100 guests these are times I would strongly advise you get a second photographer. 

When a wedding has a large number of guests the second can spend more time ensuring he captures images of everyone , but with so many guests fighting for your attention all day it can limit the time for photos and this is where the second can help speed things up and ensure we make the most of any limited photo time we have. 


Is the second photographer someone you know?

Yes, undoubtably!  and for 99% of my weddings I use the same person , he knows how I operate, he knows where to be and I trust him 100% to deliver the best photos for your special day.

When and how do i add a second on?

The cut off is 4 weeks prior to the wedding for availability but the earlier the better realistically to gaurantee availability. 

To add a second on just drop me a message and i will process it on to your booking, you can also change your mind up to 4 weeks prior to the wedding too without charge.




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