Wedding Albums

It’s time to make your selections for your album!

Please read this guide before starting your selections 


How to make your selections 

Login using the client link into your gallery and you will now be presented with a small flag option under each photo to add them to your album.

Hit the “Album tick box” on the images you want to add to your album

How many photos can I choose?

Your album can hold up to roughly 80 photos. That is based on 20 double-page spreads (as shown in the pictures above), averaging 4 photos per spread. Some spreads can have more, some less, depending on the style. 

If you are struggling to pick just 80 photos, additional spreads can be added for £15 per spread up to the maximum of 40 spreads in total.

Which photos do I pick?

Sadly, I can’t help you with this. I can make recommendations but ultimately it’s your album! As a starting point, here are some top tips if you need some help:

– Try avoiding duplicate pictures of the same moment.

– Split the photos evenly between prep, ceremony, afternoon and evening so the album flows with the story of your day.

– Include those formal shots of your nearest and dearest. These are sometimes overlooked but are often some of the most important to look back on. 

– Where you have a black and white option as well as colour, try to avoid selecting both. It can look a little repetitive, but feel free if you love it!
– If you have a favourite photo, let me know. I can enlarge it on the design for you to make it centre stage.


What are some example layouts of an album?

Seeing an example layout will help you visualize your own album more

Each image below shows one spread in album. A standard album contains 20 spreads but more spreads can be added (see extras packages below).


What happens after I’ve made my selections?

After you’ve narrowed it down to your favourites, initially I will design your album step by step in a layout I believe looks best. Then you will receive a proof so you can review the design.

You may decide you want certain photos to be more prominent or some to be smaller – this is all part of the design process and we can work together until we get it right for you.

You will also need to supply some text to go on the front cover of the album, such as:

Mr & Mrs Smith 


Can I add more than 80 images to my album?

If choosing 80 images was a bit tricky, you are free to add additional spreads to your album for £15 per spread up to a maximum of 40 spreads in total. 

To purchase additional spreads see options below.

What size is the album?

The standard album is 25cm x 25cm

There is a large album available at 30cm x 30cm for a £125 upgrade fee.

However, if you are wanting to upgrade the size, it may be worth looking at the current package deals below and taking advantage of the free size upgrade included. 

Is a USB included?

USBs are not included, but can be added for £40 if you wish.

Can i order additional copies of an album for my parents?

*** Special offer ***  As of May my print supplier has an offer on additional albums at a reduced price, plus a free upgrade of your own album to a 30cm X 30cm.

Albums make a brilliant gift for parents, so why not add additional copies and take advantage of the offer whilst it’s available?

Top Tip: The Medium or Small packages are recommended –  you get a bigger album and the smaller sizes are perfect for gifts.

These offers are only available if purchased prior to your order going to print.


2 additional albums (30cm X 30cm) plus free upgrade of your album to 30cm X 30cm
£ 450
  • Free - Your album upgraded to 30cm X 30cm
  • 2 Additional copies of your album (30cm X 30cm) in size
  • You will receive - 3 Albums of 30cm X 30cm


2 additional albums(25cm X 25cm) plus free upgrade of your album to 30cm X 30cm
£ 375
  • Free - Your album upgraded to 30cm X 30cm
  • 2 Additional copies of your album (25cm X 25cm) in size
  • You will receive 3 Albums
  • 1 Album 30cm X 30cm
  • 2 Albums 25cm X 25cm


2 additional albums (20cm X 20cm) plus free upgrade of your album to 30cm X 30cm
£ 325
  • Free - Your album upgraded to 30cm X 30cm
  • 2 Additional copies of your album (20cm X 20cm) in size
  • You will receive 3 Albums
  • 1 Album 30cm X 30cm
  • 2 Albums 20cm X 20cm

Order additional spreads

Use the below options to purchase additional spreads.

If you are not buying additional albums, the spread price is £15 per spread.

If you are ordering additional copies of the album using the deal above, the cost is £25 per spread.

How many spreads do I need?
Your standard album contains 20 spreads which fits 80 images.

For every 5 additional images, will need one additional spread. Click below and select the quantity you require.


Can I order just one additional album?

Yes, the cost for one additional album (25x25cm) is £350 if not utilising any of the packages offered. That means that whilst the print supplier has this offer on, the packages are much more cost-efficient so best to take advantage!

How long until I receive my album?

After signing off on the design, your album delivery will take 2-3 weeks.

Are other products available?

You can purchase canvases and prints of your photos direct from your gallery.


Acrylic Range

Wedding Album Only 


25X25 – 20 Pages – £250
30X30 – 20 Pages -£275

Complete set (Album – Usb – Box)


25X25 – 20 Pages + 16GB USB + Box £325
30X30 – 20 Pages + 16GB USB + Box £350



Add 2 parent albums to your collection for £275 – This gives you 3 identical albums – 1 at standard size & 2 in  reduced size.

These make for perfect presents for the parents


Additional pages – £10 per spread ( 2 pages for an additional 5-10 photos)

Bundle package

Upgrade to boxed album, usb & and additional 10 pages for £150

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