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Whitley hall was the home of Ellie & Stephens big day, with the ceremony in the Parker suite and the evening in the Whitley hall suite 

The day started with hair and make up done at the local hotel at the Tankersly manor where a beautiful vintage car took the beautiful bride to the Whitley hall just 8 minutes up the road. 

With so much beautiful space inside even on a rainy day you have some choices for space.

Whitley hall can have 2 weddings in one day located in 2 different suites, with 2 weddings going on at once you may be worried about guests seeing each other but this is not the case at Whitley hall, both weddings have their own garden for mingling with some allocated shared time for the main gardens to get the more grand photos or you can pay extra to gain exclusive use of the full grounds for your big day. 

Whitley hall venue is stacked with amenities and rooms for all your guests and its blessed with many choice for photos. From bandstands, greenery, beautiful backdrops and even some local peacocks that live around the grounds and if the weather is nice you can also get married outdoors too with indoors as a backup plan.

Located close to the Motorway network it makes things convenient for all your guests that are coming from a far.

Here are some sneak peeks at Ellie & Stephens Big Day!

Congratulations to the new Mrs & Mrs! 





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