I’m Fabio, a passionate Yorkshire wedding photographer

I was born and raised here, but proud to hail from Italian descent (But don`t expect a strong Italian accent out of me!)

Over the last few years, my love for photography has blossomed; initially inspired by the greatest muse in my life (my dog, Joey, have a look here to see why!), my passion progressed into landscapes,  portraits, videography and finally finding its home at wedding photography.

Being a wedding photographer has become my main focus as I love capturing the special moments and being able to provide newly weds with the memories to look back on and relive for the rest of their lives.

The theory of photography is fascinating, but there’s nothing like the emotion of two people celebrating their love for each other to make me fully invested in being the best wedding photographer I can be.

But my love of photography doesn’t end there, i also enjoy festivals and large scale event photography aswell, working in one of the most difficult forms of photography(night) all adds to the experience of being able to adapt to any scenario, and I am certainly not shy of jumping on a stage with 10,000 people watching as I take photos either.

Being a wedding photographer is more than just pictures to me, it’s about being that extra guest at a wedding who blends in to the background as if they are part of the day, With that laid back and friendly approach.

Stacked with a wicked sense of humour I can certainly bring a smile to your face and your guests on the day, aswell as being there to take to capture your special memories

Yorkshirre Wedding Photographer - Fabio

My Style

I know what’s current and what’s not and I always push my boundaries to exceed myself each time.

I`m constantly developing my technique to reach further to be one step more creative and stand out and also looking for ways to be creative using the magic of technology and flashlights to give some outstandingly effective photos.

Using off-camera flash can lead to the best photos, not only giving creativity outside the box but giving beautiful exposed photos every time.

My focus on the day consists of a candid documentary and the traditional shots for mum and dad, I see myself as a mixture of both! I don’t claim to be JUST one style of photographer.

My Kit Bag

I’m a Canon shooter and a big lover of it!

On the day I bring 3 cameras (yes, 3!) – because backups are so important for your day, your memories are important and they need a backup solution. we only have one shot at it and we can’t afford technical breakdowns.

Not only that, I have backup lenses, backup tripods, backup flashes,  backup everything!

All my cameras also have multiple memory cards for extra peace of mind



Joey & Kate

Lhasa Apso Joey Wedding Photographer
Lhasa Apso Joey Wedding Photographer

Meet Joey & Kate

My little family, mainly my dog, are my greatest muses

Meet Joey, a grumpy stuburn Lhasa apso with eyeleashes people would pay money for.

He has been my not-so patient subject for countless photo shoots.

And meet Kate, my beautiful wife-to-be, who supports me in every way. Whenever I need a subject for my photography , she’s there with slightly more patience than Joey.

Lhasa Apso Joey Wedding Photographer kate


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