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Hi, I’m Fabio and if you’ve made it this far then I guess my approach has caught your eye. I’m super excited and humbled you are interested in me photographing your special day – I truly love what I do and genuinely enjoy giving people memories that last a lifetime.

To give the best to the couples I work with, I only take on a limited number of weddings each year and below you will find some information on how I work, my ethos and some tips for your hunt for a photographer.

If my style and approach resonates with you, then I’d love to hear from you to find out more about your awesome plans and hopefully photograph your wedding!

It’s all about giving you photo’s about how it felt , not how it looked. 

My aim is to be able to give you something to re live each moment of your day.


My natural and relaxed approach combines a documentary style of photography with storytelling.

I like to blend in to each wedding like a guest and enjoy the day as much as you and grab every moment in it’s raw and natural state. Engaging with the guests and being part of the day to relax each and every person around the camera is where I excel the most.

If by the end of the day if your guests are still referring to me as “The Photographer” instead of “Fabio” then I’ve failed. I want to make your guests feel they can scream me over any time they want a photo or when auntie Susan is doing the worm so no moment is missed.

I am up for anything different on your day! the crazier the better I have no limits. If you want to re-enact some photos, then be my guest we will work on some specific shots together.

For the most part of your wedding day I’m constantly on the lookout for genuine moments that happen between you or your guests to capture the full story of your day.

When you look back you will hopefully have a collection of wonderfully captured moments and mini narratives that, when viewed all together in your wedding collection, tell the full story of your special day.

Candid natural portraits

 If you’re not a fan of posing for photographs, don’t worry, you’re not alone.


Often the point in the day where I take you away from your guests to get the couple shots is the first time you two get to yourselves as a married couple – the first time you can take a deep breath and take it all in. It’s your first real private moment together after saying “I do” and I’d rather capture the natural joy than force you into awkward poses and rigid smiles.


That’s why I focus on getting you both to relax and have a laugh together, to essentially forget about the camera.


That’s not to say we can’t get some fantastic posed shots if that’s what you’re into! I’m willing to be as adventurous as you want to be. During the pre-wedding consultation meetings we’ll have together, we will iron out what kind of shots you want, what level of importance you put on the couple photoshoot, how long you want to spend on them, etc.


The photos are to document your wedding day, not to dominate it. The day flies past and I never want to take you away from your loved ones for too long – although often my clients are glad of the breather from hosting! So I tend to break my couple shoots down and only steal you away in small segments of 20-30 minutes. If the British weather allows, or if not and you’re not afraid of a little precipitation, then I often like to fit in another 10-15 minute shoot around sunset. Golden hour is always a good shout!

View other work

View a full album example from start to finish off some recent weddings

Album 1
Album 2

What does my package actually include?

Professional fun photographer for the day – That’s me! on hand to capture all the shots from start to finish in an unobtrusive style from am to the first dance.

What is start to finish? – From bridal prep (if you request it) to the first dance and a little after too. – I tend not to put a firm time limit on my end time but as an absolute minimum I’ll stay for 60 minutes after the first dance.

Bridal prep – The first part of the morning can be the most fun (and stressful ) time,  capturing all the getting ready scenes, the smiles, the prosecco and those important first looks! It’s about capturing the day as you remember it, the laughs, the cries, the tears, the stress. Each moment will form part of your memories.

Fully edited images – all images edited in my own style, no image is delivered with out it.

Download all – Download of all your images with in 14 days of your wedding <- My target is 2 weeks but during summer this may start to creep to 4 weeks. 

Online gallery – fully edited online gallery for you to view all your images.

500+ Images – I aim to delivery 4-500 images back to you fully edited* and whilst I dont like to over commit – quite simply the more that happens on your day the more I will send you. I will not cap at 500. it’s just a case of picking every single valid photo out that i believe to be worthy and sending it on to you.

Full support – Discussions, pre planning and everything else to make sure we know what’s important to you.

The chat’s form an important part of a booking – it’s a 2 way thing. I like to make sure it’s a booking I am happy with and something I know I can deliver on as much as you want to find out if I’m the photographer for you.

Anything else you need? just ask



How do I pick my photographer

If it’s your first wedding and the first time doing this it may be worth reading on to help you identify how to pick your photographer at this stage.

You may be hunting around for photographers but struggling to know what to actually look for so ive wrote a small guide to assist your search even if it’s not me you want. It’s all about finding the person for you at the end of day.

Do you like them?

Yes! you have to like your photographer, you are going to be spending a lot of time together and it’s important to know you will work well with them,

it’s important they make you feel relaxed and at ease as it will show in the photos if your not – Natural smiles = Natural photos = better photos. the most important factor though is how they make you feel! can you be your self and natural around them on the video calls at least? if not then we are in to some serious trouble.

What is there communication with you like

A wedding photographer’s highest priority should be communication with you and you should never have to chase suppliers to give them business, if you struggle to get responses at the booking phase then how difficult are things going to be come the week before your wedding. You simply dont need that sort of stress. 

Responding to clients should in my view, be the number one priority after physically taking the photos them selves.

Your queries should be answered too with in 24 hours at most. 

Ask questions

Below this section is a large list of question’s I have answered based on what clients tend to want to ask me, feel free to use all these questions when speaking to other photographers and get as much as you can answered before committing.

Do you want military precision, or laid back attitude?

Some bridge & grooms want every picture, perfect whilst some prefer a more laid back approach to the day, pick what works for you. Neither is wrong or right it’s just about finding the personality that matches your needs for the day.

If you have never had a wedding photographer before it’s difficult to appreciate at this stage why personality matters at all and it’s not until your wedding day you realise just how much your wedding photographer becomes involved in your day. There is a small section further down on “what does a wedding photographer actually do” to give you a more in depth guide if you want to learn more. But for now let’s sum it up. They’re going to be in your space at bridal prep, There going to be hovering around the room at the ceremony, they will be directing your guests for group shots and for your bridal & groom shots. ultimately he’s going to be around you a lot and the last thing you want is arrogance, rudeness and a big ego as it could just upset you.

Take time to understand if your wedding photographer listens to your needs when you first speak to him.

Don’t rush

A photographer who starts giving you deadlines and giving you 6 hours to book to take advantage of there 20% discount off packages isn’t exactly the best start, take it easy and dont fall in to the trap off pushy sales tactics. It’s an important decision for you and good/busy photographers dont need to force sales down your throat.


Do you have specific needs?

Are there certain photos you want? can your photographer do them? – Just make sure as not all photographers have the same technical skill and it would be unfair to ask your photographer to pull certain shots out of the bag that he didn’t even advertise or mention on his website. Don’t just assume a photography can do any shot.

What Backup equipment do they have?

So so important, your wedding day needs to be treated with the upmost respect and your photographer and other suppliers must have backup equipment for your day. Multiple camera’s and multiple lens is a bare minimum must. But set your expectations accordingly, A cheap wedding photographer may be cheap because he doesn’t have these things and that’s how he keeps his prices low. But if you go low you must be willing to accept these risks.

If he arrives on the day to pull his camera out of the bag to find it’s smashed or failed he isn’t going to have much of a chance of finding a replacement that quick


Are they insured? what if something your photographer does causes injury to your guests, it also covers them against theft. Should the day before the wedding the photographers house gets robbed his insurance will likely dispatch him new equipment with the hour so he can keep working. 


The fine print

Does the photographer give you all your images? are they all edited? Will there be additional fee’s? 

will the photographer charge you extra for your images digitally after? Even though you have already paid for his services you may find the images are not even included. 

Make sure you have a contract and read it through.


Turn around time 

a BIG pet peeve of mine is long turn around times, some take 8-12 weeks to turn around images, the faster the client gets the images to me. the better! What good are your images 4 months after your wedding. You’ll have probably lost interest then and if it takes that long to get the images how long will it take if you want amends making. My personal target is images should be returned with in 14 days where possible.

Black and white mania

Be mindful of an album full of black white photos, it can spell a sign off photos taken badly – a good trick in photography is to black and white a photo if its amazing but lacks colour or quality. But this should only be used to save those amazing shots and should make no more than 10-20% of the album.

But when half an album starts containing black and white photos it may spell issues.(particularly at night or during the party photo’s. This is when photographers struggle the most.

Check your price includes vat

Some may add vat on when you get the invoice that you wasn’t expecting.

In fairness though many photographers don’t do this but its something to check. But I have found from experience a lot of other wedding suppliers tend to price things without vat and then throw it on there after to your surprise. 



The questions you might want to ask

What makes you different?
As you are hunting around you are going to start to see the same things and start to become unsure who is best suited for you. So what makes me different? Natural and fun – I try have as much fun as i can with your photos to get the most natural and fun photos of you both. I typically sway to the more “hands off” natural shots but threw in a few posed ones for good measure.I like to keep my photo sessions short, sweet but effective lasting no more than 10-15 minutes across 1 or 2 sessions through out the day. The photos shouldn’t dominate the day. Personality – i can talk to anyone about anything and make people feel at ease, in particular the couple them selves who i know deep down feel a little uncomfortable at the idea of having photos taken. The guests – I like to make sure all the guests know who i am by the end of the day, i don’t want to remembered as “the camera guy” but more by my name of Fabio (It’s also not an easy name to forget either!) and i do this by simply being me and having as much fun as the guests are having, not only does it make the day more fun for me but it allows your guests to feel more comfortable around the photos. I want the guests to feel they can grab me anytime for a photo.
How many images do I get?
I will aim for around 400 but this often hits 600-800, sometimes it may be more – sometimes less it all depends on the day it’s hard to put an exact figure on it but 400 is the minimum you will receive. On a gold pacakge with bridal prep and lots going on this could hit as high as 800. But for advice – don’t go booking a photographer based on the number of images – some will guarantee you 1000 but you have to ask your self will they just give me all the bad photos aswell to hit the target. I prefer to deliver a quality selection of good photos and i give you as many as i have available.
How will I get my images?
Via online gallery for you to view and download, USB & DVD if requested. Something to keep in the loft for back up purposes.
Do i need a 2nd photographer?

This is dependent on what you want out of the photos, if you want more angles, groom preparation and a wider coverage of your day then a 2nd photographer is ideal typically then can add 2-300 photos to your collection. There is a page here that goes in to more detail about a 2nd photographer but don’t worry you don’t need to decide before booking you can add them on as late as 4 weeks prior to the date.  The 2nd photographer is someone i have worked with for many years so rest assured its not just “anybody” but someone i trust whole heatedly to capture the right moments. for more information on working out if you need a 2nd photographer click here.

Do I get prints included?
As part of my platinum package, a wedding album is included – but you are also free to add on wedding albums after – click here for information Wedding albums start from £225 up to £275 depending on size and style. Be mindful of getting things printed yourself as cheap print suppliers can really ruin a photo or make them look poor and you end up in a “buy cheap buy twice situation”.
Do you offer video aswell?
No but i do work closely with a videographer, if you want to find out more visit his website at https://www.oliversweddingfilms.co.uk/ We frequently work together and so you can combine chats/calls with us both at the same time and we will work together on your day but you are also free to use who you wish as well just let me know before hand (Just so i know to introduce my self to them before hand)
Can i get my photos printed my self?
Yes – you have full print license to do as you please with the photos , but i cannot guarantee the coloring or quality of the printing company if you do these your self but I can certainly help you as best I can.
Do you have backup equipment?
Yes! 3 Cameras, 6-7 lenses, multiple flashes and much more. Your images are as important to me as they are to you.
Do you edit the photos?
100%, every single photo I provide to you has been edited professionally in some shape or form
Will my photos have your watermark on them?
No, you may see watermarks on sample galleries but your final images when downloaded will be watermark free for you.
Can you remove any spots or blemishes on my face?
Of course, if I notice anything like this I will by default remove anything like this from your photos.
How long do images take to be edited?
I aim to edit all images within 28 days of the wedding but frequently I will aim to return these even sooner where I can – in busy periods this may extend to 6 weeks(but this is rare)
What if I’m ill on the day?
I will turn up on my death bed if I need to or in extreme situations, I’ll find someone to cover me for you with the same quality and style – I know it’s not ideal but these things happen. But I’m very careful when it comes to things like this – I avoid buffet food from previous weddings and I tend to keep any holidays far from bookings to avoid any overseas bugs.
What if I decide to cancel?
Ultimately there is a loss of your booking fee with cancelling and this is because I may have lost other bookings due to keeping your date blocked off – but I keep my deposit’s reasonable to reduce this concern.
Do you do photobooks or albums?
Yes i do! Wedding albums start at £200 They can be designed to include as many or as few or as many photos as you wish but as a rule of thumb for a good album I would say 60-80 images for a 20-page album Additional pages can be added – click here for more information
Are there any hidden extras in your pricing?
Absolutely not the price I give you is the price you pay for all your images digitally and for the coverage you requested. The only extras are for printed materials if you want them and for travel to long distance locations – anything outside of 2 hours may incur travel and accommodation fee’s. A closed down motorway or accident can lead to me turning up late and so I don’t like to risk it and I’d rather be there the night before.
What if my wedding is running behind?
No extra charges I stay till the job is done.
Are you insured?
Yes, full public liability insurance by the standard for your peace of mind.
How do you command the day?
I have a reserved yet firm approach when I need to be, I completely understand couples don’t want to spend their day being marched around with on-the-dot timings but I also have a duty to ensure I try to get the photos you want. If I’m a little nudgy with timings and you want more time to drink tequila just tell me to go away I won’t take offence. There can be occasions where daylight is limited & the weather is temperamental and we have limited timings. it is these moment’s I will be some what more pushy to try capture those moments and for this reason during the consultations i will ask you how important your photo’s are. if you say not very then I will take a more reserved approach. I try to hide away as best I can during the day blending into the walls as best I can and utilising some long-range lenses so I can hide away most of the time to try to capture the most natural shots.
I feel awkward posing and I’m worried about that bit.
You are not the first and certainly won’t be the last, the best pictures come when you’re not “posing” and my job is getting you to be natural by means of my own special techniques. I try to get through the portraits as fast but efficiently as possible so you can enjoy your day as i appreciate some couples who want to get back to their wedding and I work with your needs If you let me know in your planning meeting that you wanted to take some beautiful portraits of you and your partner then I may try to push you a little on the day if you suddenly become shy and timid. You will thank me for it later
Do I need to feed you?
Food is appreciated, often venues offer a cheaper rate for suppliers and so a meal would be appreciated but if the venue are wanting full price dont worry I will bring something with me.
When do you not take pictures?
The only time I stop is during the wedding breakfast but between courses i may get shots of all the guests sat down if there is some time though.
When do you finish for the day?
For Gold & Platinum packages I tend to stay beyond the first dance and try to capture some of the evening entertainment too. If there is a lot going on then rest assured I will stay longer to capture it. I find the evening is when everyone starts to let loose but every wedding is different.
Is there a chance you may cancel on me last minute or at some point?
With wedding photographers being booked so far in advance it’s not uncommon for a photographer to have to cancel a booking due to other commitments, perhaps a family member is scheduled to go into hospital. Whilst I give every booking full priority around my calendar and work any holidays around my bookings, in the unfortunate event I need to cancel then of course a full refund of any monies paid will be returned and I will assist you in finding a photographer who I feel would deliver the same personality and same quality photos as me. I know plenty of wedding photographers and I will do my utmost best to assist you in finding someone I won’t leave you in the lurch or cancel with weeks to go causing you unnecessary stress. Whilst I cannot guarantee I won’t cancel your booking; I can assure you if I need to it will be when it’s an absolute worst-case scenario and it will be with deep regret as the last thing I want to do is let a couple down who put their trust in me for their wedding photography.
I like the sound of everything. How do I proceed?
Great, and we can always answer any further questions you may have later anyway. I advise couples to arrange a quick video/phone call before they commit but this is optional. This is purely so you can check I’m everything you want personality wise and it’s important to know if your guests will like me too.
Confirming the booking
I will send you a booking contract and a questionnaire and an invoice with a £150 deposit to secure the date.
4 Weeks prior to the wedding planning meeting?
This is a 1-2 hour video call to go through your day from start to finish, we revisit all the details we originally discussed and go over all the key points to your wedding and your running order for the day just to ensure we are both on the same page. Some time may have passed since we originally spoke so it’s good to just re-cap everything.
The week before
I appreciate things may be heating up for you at this point and so I’ll be making an effort to drop you a few emails and texts just to let you know I haven’t forgotten about your big day. It’s just one less thing to worry about for you then.
The big day
Relax knowing your photos are being taken care of for the day!

The Booking Process Simplified 

My GO TO Shots

I’m asked many times for specific shots that naturally I would cover anyway, so to let you into my thought process I’ve created a list of all the shots I generally aim for so you can be assured I have the same vision as you already in mind.

This is not a limited list and just a general guide to give you a good idea of what I have in my mind.

Whilst not every single shot is guaranteed if there are certain shots you want me to pritoise just ask so I can focus on them.

Bridal prep

Hair and makeup shots.
The Dress
Shoes and any accessories
Dress being fastened
Shoes being put on
Girls drinking the morning prosecco 🙂 .
The dress and the detailed shots of the shoes and accessories.
The first look shot when the bridesmaids and parents first see the bride in her beautiful dress.
Shots of the bridesmaids (on the bed altogether, getting ready etc).
Portrait shots of the bride (with and without her fellow bridesmaids).

If the bridal prep is at the venue then I will be taking 10-15 minute breaks away from your room to go photo the room setup.

If the groom arrives early then it also allows me to capture him and his groomsmen nervously waiting before hand.

Then I race to the venue before you arrive

If no bridal prep has been requested it gives me more time at the venue to capture these moments.

The ceremony room before everyone enters.
Shots of the guests waiting for the bride.
Groom & Groomsmen shots waiting nervously at the front.
Bride arriving in the car.
Shots of the bride in the car with who has travelled with her.
Shots of the bride exiting the car.
Shots of the bride outside the car


For the ceremony, the registrars can be more restrictive than others. Some registrars give you more freedom whilst others advise you to stand in just one spot. Whilst I try to push the registrar I’m also mindful that there is no wedding without them so I have to be respectful of what they ask for.

Please note churches can be stricter and in some situations do not allow photography at all – please check this.

Groom waiting for the bride.
Bridesmaids and others walking down the aisle.
Bride walking down the aisle.
Groom looking at the bride walking down the aisle.
Plenty of shots of the bride and groom during the ceremony.
Shots of the bride and groom from the back of the room.
Shots of the bridesmaids & groomsmen
Reaction shots of the guests through out the ceremony.
Shots of the guests watching the ceremony.
Emotions of the guests during the ceremony.
The ring being placed on the finger(Often restricted depending on where the registrar is standing).
First kiss shots (Can be restricted by the registrar again sadly).
Signing the register shots, shots of the ring, and shots of chosen guests with the signing.
(if you didn’t know, we cannot photo the real signing of the certificate and we stage it after you have signed it).
Bride and groom leaving down the aisle.

After Ceremony

Candid shots of the guests and then proceed to the bride and groom portrait shots in the desired location

Group shots of immediate family – you will get a questionnaire to complete to list 

Bride and groom shoot

Aiming for a selection of 45-60 bride and groom shots in different poses, I won’t list every pose here but my aim is to capture as many as possible in a short amount of time.

I tend to span this out across the day depending on your importance of photo’s and so if I see a lovely sunset I may grab you again for 10 minutes.

I’m extremely mindful that its your day but also try to find a balance of ensuring i get the photos too.

Group shots.

Full group shoot if requested, and formal photos of you and your chosen people.
Whilst we have everyone out it gives us chance to do a confetti shot and i will take the lead and organise everything here.

Candid guest shots

In between all this and the group shots I am on the lookout for as many candid guest shots as possible.

The dining

Before everyone is seated I will take the finer things such as the cake, layout, centrepieces, and table layout. Capturing as many details as possible.


Once the first plate is out I stop taking photos for 30-60 minutes and have a little sit-down, no one wants shots with a mouth full of bread and soup.


Jump back into action when the speeches start and capture all the laughter and emotion and try to capture the whole story.

After the wedding breakfast

Jumping back into action for more candid shots of the guests.
If the weather was bad earlier it gives us another chance to take your portrait shots now or potentially make the most of the golden hour(Time of year dependant of course).

Then things start to slow down, the evening guests begin to arrive and it’s mainly a candid guest shot time.

But then we start to get things ready for the cake cutting and first dance shots of course.

I hope this list gives you some comfort in the shots I tend to aim for on the day, this is just a guide and nothing more. If you want other shots that’s fine we can add them in

And that’s it…


Hopefully, this has answered most of your burning questions but if not feel free to contact me to ask anything

cast your eyes on my gallery to see my latest work

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I have hidden this amongst text for a reason.

Couples who go the effort of wanting to know as much about me as possible are the sort of couples i love the most!

The one’s who want to know as much as possible about there photographer for there big day as they know it’s a big decision for them!

So here is a special treat for you – Enjoy £100 off your booking just write “I read your stuff” when you inquire and i will apply the discount to your booking if you decide to go ahead.

It’s just a sweetener to say thanks! as you are the type of couples i love to work with! :)

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