Hi, I’m Fabio and if you’ve made it this far then I guess my approach has caught your eye. I’m super excited and humbled you are interested in me photographing your special day – I truly love what I do and genuinely enjoy giving people memories that last a lifetime.

To give the best to the couples I work with, I only take on a limited number of weddings each year and below you will find some information on how I work, my ethos and some tips for your hunt for a photographer.

If my style and approach resonates with you, then I’d love to hear from you to find out more about your awesome plans and hopefully photograph your wedding!

About ME

what's included in my packages?

how DO YOU CHOOSE YOUR wedding photographer?

Your wedding photographer is with you all day long, from the bridal prep till the drunken antics.

Finding someone who takes good photos is easy but finding someone who is on your level is the real challenge.

I like to chat to each couple before they book for this reason(and more so you can check i’m not a phsycopath too)

But you got to click with your photographer! 


Candid natural portraits

The Guests

The Bridal party

Don't just take my word for it...

aside from the fast turn around of your photos and my natural style of photographs.

My fun personality makes it easy for people to enjoy them selves around me, i wan’t the guests to know me as “Fabio” and not “that man with the camera” so i like to have as much fun as the guests do on the day.

I like to be part of the day and not just an accessory to it  and being 100% approachable just makes it easy for the guests to grab me when they want a photo too.

For the couple shots i strive away from the stiff awkward posing but instead let the couples be them selves and just have fun because after all they’re the best photos, whilst i may pose you for some my style is mainly focused on the natural “You being you” photos.

I like to treat a wedding as exactly what it is… a wedding! someones big special day and not just another day taking photographs so i give 200% every time.

I dont dash off after the first dance either (or charge extra for it) i like to stick around until i have captured as much as i can (it’s the part of the day you are most likely to forget after all)

Booking a wedding photographer is a big decision and i prefer couples to book me because they felt 100% sure so after a chat i leave couples to have a think and generally say do not make an on the spot decision.

This approaches i feel just ensures you are 100% with your decision , i’d prefer to be booked because a couple liked me and not because they felt pressured.

After we have had a chat i tend not to reach back out again until i hear from you, it’s not because i am being rude but it’s just because you know where i am if you want to go ahead. I dont like the idea of pestering couples it’s just not my style.

After our chat you will have all the information you need and you will get a sense of my personality and from there it’s down to the couples to decide what to do.

Typically i will hold the date for 14 days after a chat but i am happy to hold on to it a little longer providing you keep in touch.

For this reason i always encourage couples to have a no obligation chat with me, it just gives you a better idea about me and my style.

Via an online gallery, you will receive a direct link to your own special gallery with all your images hosted on. This makes it simple to share with all your friends. From here you can also order prints if you wish to and as the bride & groom you are also able to hide certain images from your guests that you might wish to keep private.

There is no need I stay till the job is done , weddings don’t always stick to exact timings so I would never leave you worried.

I make every effort to attend a wedding and I will turn up on my death bed if I need to. But in extreme cases I have a trusted network of photographers and between us we all cover each other in emergencies in the unlikely event there is an issue.

For weddings within 1 hour of Leeds there is no travel time, weddings outside of this are charged at the cost of petrol and no more. 

Long distance weddings will require accommodation the night prior to ensure I’m there on the day. For this I find a cheap hotel nearby and charge for this.

Every single photo is edited, not a single image leaves my laptop with out having some work done on it

Of course, ideally I suggest a zoom first to save us both some time and if you like the sound of things after the zoom we can meet either at the venue or at your house. What everworks for you.

My contract states 4 to give me some additional time but my aim is to return images with in 1-2 weeks back to you (yes! very quick it’s something I’m proud of 🙂 )

A hot meal is appreciated but not expected.

Just let me know so i can ensure to bring something with me. 

Usually venues offers supplier meals at a reduce rate so it wont cost you the same as a guest. 

£150 deposit secures the date, 4 weeks prior to the wedding the full balance.

But realistically, I’m fully flexible 

If i have not visited your venue prior i will try and visit it before hand if its local however i find often that by arriving earlier on the day works better. The problem with visiting in advance is its not a true reflection of your day given the conditions. I have found over time that visiting a venue in advance has not really led to any benefit.

The weather may change, the grass maybe boggy on the day , something has changed at the venue blocking that beautiful shot i had planned and so i find arriving early on the day is better to get a good idea of what will work on the day.

A 30 minute earlier arrival on the day is more than sufficient how ever if you truly feel it would be of great benefit do let me know and we can arrange something. 



I have 3 cameras, multiple flashes, multiple memory cards and multiple lenses.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime memory and they deserve the utmost redundancy 

Firstly – We need to know if your date is free! my 2024 is already 90% full and my 2025 is now 50% full so ensuring the date is free is the first step.

You can do this by filling in the form below.

Then i usually suggest a quick chat/zoom – this is simply so you can get a feel for me and  what i am like – A wedding photographer is a big decision so you have to ensure the personality is what you are looking for.  This chat comes with zero pressure to make a decision(More so i would rather you decide between your selves in your own time so you are fully certain of your decision)

If you wish to go ahead get back in touch with me where you will get a booking contract emailed to you for peace of mind and a deposit of £125 to secure the date.

check your

Fill in the below details to check i’m free on your big day!

up to £500 off packages this July 

*Booking must be confirmed with in 4 weeks of enquiry

Now here is a treat for you! £100 off your booking….But why?


I have hidden this amongst text for a reason.

Couples who go the effort of wanting to know as much about me as possible are the sort of couples i love the most!

The one’s who want to know as much as possible about there photographer for there big day as they know it’s a big decision for them!

So here is a special treat for you – Enjoy £100 off your booking just write “I read your stuff” when you inquire and i will apply the discount to your booking if you decide to go ahead.

It’s just a sweetener to say thanks! as you are the type of couples i love to work with! :)

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