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The best way to decide on a photographer is by speaking to them.

We form such a big part of your day that we believe it’s good to get to know each other.

The call is not a high-pressure sales call but more of a hello and to find out about your day and tell you about what i can offer, i would advise whoever you book that you speak to them first to find out even if you like their personality.

The call is usually 20-30 minutes long (or as long as you like). We cover timings, locations, what you like, what you dislike and give you a chance to ask your questions.

At the end of the call I leave you to think and make your own decisions in your own time.


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Now here is a treat for you! £100 off your booking….But why?


I have hidden this amongst text for a reason.

Couples who go the effort of wanting to know as much about me as possible are the sort of couples i love the most!

The one’s who want to know as much as possible about there photographer for there big day as they know it’s a big decision for them!

So here is a special treat for you – Enjoy £100 off your booking just write “I read your stuff” when you inquire and i will apply the discount to your booking if you decide to go ahead.

It’s just a sweetener to say thanks! as you are the type of couples i love to work with! :)

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