This is a form you have been sent to fill in to try and capture all the fine details of your day, please fill everything in as best you can
This is asked so i can correctly plan photos to suit your physical health, as depending on location some photos may require some walking to find the perfect oppertunity.
Bride or Groom's address used for any postage of material after
Just incase we need to contact her on the day if we can't get hold of you
The main venue where you are having your wedding breakfast at
The time you are getting married at
Does the location where you are getting married have any restrictions in terms of photography? some venues may say photographers are not allowed to stand in certain places or do certain things, if you dont know of anything then skip this and we will do what we can on the date
If required please enter details, is a specialist car hired etc
i will do some research my self, but let me know if you know of any good locations for photos such that contains nice scenery
Just a rough idea if known
Just a rough idea if known
Do you have any specific events or surprises planned that I might need to know about in advance (eg. cake cutting, first dance etc)
This is just a heads up that this is what i intend to do, i may go and set up some photoshoots around the venue on the day where i will set things up and then call you in and keep you for 3-4 minutes at a time, this may happen on 2-3 occasions but i will keep you away from your wedding for as little as i can.
If you are unsure of these details yet you can provide them later by email
Please state the names and what they are to you(ie bridesmaid, best man etc)


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