it’s no secret… wedding photography isn’t cheap. but why?


I would never normally do this, but wedding photograhy is a big investment so i beleive it’s important to understand why so you can value the investment.

So here is a little break down of why wedding photographers charge what they do.


Equipment  – my camera equipment i bring to each wedding is £20,000 and half of that needs replacing every year.

And more so i need double of everything for backups and redundancy, i have 3 cameras, multiple lenses, flashes and it even goes as far as getting a car that i can relie on to make sure i can get to every wedding.

One of my best lenses to capture your moments is £3,500 alone (and i have two of them incase one breaks!) top equipment delivers top quality images.



Software– On top of the equipment there is around £2,000 a year in software to edit your beautiful pictures and a super computer to edit your photos on aswel.


Photographers & Videographers are the only people who when your wedding ends have to keep working, the DJ packs up, the photo booth goes home, the florist was finished by 11am, but for a photographer the job is only just getting started.

And they’re the only supplier that is with you all day on the day.

An average wedding day takes up 12-16 hours of the day then another 25 hours at home editing.

So in total it requires around 40 hours work per wedding.


My mate has one of those expensive cameras and said he would do it – The camera is one thing – knowing what to do with it is another.

Being at the right place at the right time, knowing where to stand, being able to predict every moment before it arrives. The camera is only a fraction of the story and not to mention the countless hours of training each year to keep on top of techniques. 

Marketing costs add’s up

Being able to sustain and stay in wedding photography is another factor! websites like hitched & bridebook want around £2,000 a year each to be listed on there websites.(yikes! bet you didn’t know that)



I’ve seen other photographers charging £700

There are options out there who charge these amounts, but at a profit of around £500 when charging £700 it becomes very difficult to re-invest in your equipment, keep on top of training courses, and more so you need to do more weddings to make it worth while (meaning less time dedicated to each wedding).

Once upon a time we all charged this much – but after a lens of mine i broke costing me £1,500 to replace i just thought – i now need to do 3 weddings to break even.

Being able to keep on top of the right equipment becomes a pricey job.

Equipment espically at weddings doesnt last as you are running around quite a lot and using it heavily. 

Ultimately it depends on how much you value your photos. everyone has different needs and different priorities. 

What about wedding photographers who charge £3,500! 

Well this is the other end of the chain, after many years it’s likely that these photographers have grown an amazing online platform and have a mountain of people refering them. they come with the finest equipment money can buy and with years of experience people hugely trust them. 

So the honest answer is – they charge that because people will pay it still. BUT on the plus side it means they do probably do less weddings a year and likely will dedicate more time to each wedding.  



Being able to reinvest in equipment, use the best software and make it sustainable to the point where plenty of time can be dedicated to each wedding is fundamental in delivering memories to last a life time.

Wedding photography deserves the highest level of attention to detail and care. 

But only you can decide what it’s worth to you. 

Pricing Plans

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✯ Pre-planning meetings before the wedding
To find out what’s really important to you.

✯ Professional Photographer (me!)
Experienced, professional and most importantly fun

✯ Your personal online gallery
To showcase and download your high res watermark free images and share with guests

✯ 2-4 week turnaround
No waiting around for months for your photos.

✯ Every image edited
All images will be professionally edited to my signature style

✯ 350/400+ Images
Silver package typically return around 350 images whilst Gold/Platinum packages will return 500 however this is a minimum. I simply send as many as i can.

✯Wedding support prior to your big day
From ideas, planning, suppliers and more i am with you every step of the way and access to guides ive written to get the most out your photos
✯ Inclusive travel within 2 Hours of Leeds
Any accomodation and travel fees are inclusive of the price (Small charges apply outside of 2 hours)
✯ Coverage till after the first dance

I wont be vanishing after the first dance but instead will be capturing some of the evening antics, i typically a little after the first dance but if there are extras such as sparklers and any night shots you want i stay till the job is done

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Digital packages

Digital only packages  – Where your images are returned to you in digital format via your online gallery


The important bits 
Half day coverage – Digitals

✯ All of the above

✯ 8 Hours – (Ceremony till first dance coverage or bridal prep till speeches)

✯ 350+ Images




Bridal prep till late
All day coverage – Digitals

✯ All of the above

✯ Bridal prep

✯ 500+ Images

✯ Coverage till 1-2 hours after first dance

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album packages

Digital & Album packages – receive your images in a digital format plus a printed wedding album


Platinum package
All day coverage + Digitals & and album

✯ All of the above
✯Coverage from Bridal prep till 1-2 hours after first dance
✯ 500+ Images
Digital delivery of your photos
10″ X 10″ 20 page wedding album
(Upgrade to boxed album + usb for £75)


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Platinum+ Extra


All of it 
Plus 3 albums & print

  • All of the above
  • Full day coverage from prep till party
  • Digital delivery of your photos
  • 1 x 30cm + 30cm 20 page wedding album + Boxed + USB
  • 2 x 20cm x 20cm copies (Perfect for parents)
    1 X Canvas Print(Various sizes up to 90×60 available)
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      Complimentary upgrade

      Free wedding shoot Plus Extra photographer worth £500

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Extra photographer


  • Added coverage of your day
  • Perfect for larger wedding or at large venues
  • Recommenced with weddings of 90+ Guests
  • Add’s around 300 photos to your collection

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Album Packages

From £275

  • Selection of albums available in various sizes
  •  Choose from 25×25/30×30/20×30
  • Add additional pages from £10 per page

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Wedding Preshoot


Get some practice in before the wedding and enjoy a preshoot  + 50 images to  download

Video Packages

From £955

I have teamed up with a fellow videographer to deliver a discounted rate on video packages when combined with a photo package

Having 2 companies each specializing in their own field will deliver the best results for your special memories


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